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To: The People of Greater Birmingham, Alabama, and Beyond

Stop Utility Shutoffs and Evictions in Birmingham

Stop Utility Shutoffs and Evictions in Birmingham

Help us stop utility shutoffs and evictions in the Greater Birmingham area. Join us to start a new CSO - "Community Supported Organizing" effort. It's like Kickstarter for community organizing.

Why is this important?

Dear friends,

Jefferson County already leads the state in unemployment claims. Now, Alabama Power has announced that it will resume shutoffs and late fees for its customers starting in late September. And evictions rose in June after Gov. Ivey's moratorium expired. The federal ban protecting renters in subsidized housing also expired July 25. The recent CDC moratorium is a start, but it doesn't restore power and water to those whose official evictions may be delayed until the end of the year.

We have to stem this rising tide of injustice.

Since COVID struck, we've been turning to help Birmingham weather the storm together through a new "community supported organizing" (CSO) model. We're bringing our local credit unions into the effort, as these have BILLIONS of dollars of local, member-owned capital they can be using right now to make emergency loans to people in crisis.

Together, we can get through this crisis.

But we're also building for the long haul. Today the urgent issue is paying rent and utilities, but tomorrow it's going to be building up our community resilience and economic power, so we don't go back to the economy we had before. Our organizing co-op will enable us to start new co-ops to solve whatever community problems we need -- like new daycare co-ops, or new food co-ops. We'll organize our congregations and nonprofits for mutual aid today, and tomorrow to start a new community purchasing cooperative to incubate new local businesses, particularly Black- and minority-owned.

Let's do this. If you want to learn how you can help, please sign and I will be in touch.

In cooperation,

Kyle Crider,
Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, AL, USA

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