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To: All individuals, friends, families, and relatives seeking community led & self determined organizing for the McKinley Community's health & prosperity of all.

Support Rural Indigenous Community Organizing (NW New Mexico)

Support Rural Indigenous Community Organizing (NW New Mexico)

We are asking for your support in safely petitioning our McKinley Community; our friends families, relatives & neighbors as well as those community organizations & people who aspire to meaningfully change our lives, to acquire a community supported organizer, preferable Indigenous & primarily funded by us, to aid all McKinley community members in community led & self determined organizing for the health & meaningful prosperity of all.

Why is this important?

Now more than ever communities across the nation have been tasked with building up capacity to determine health concerns & priorities of their communities as well action plans needed to address them; some communities have even had meaningfully impacts on their communities' health from the actions they have moved forward; even before Covid-19, but all to often only in big or expensive communities.

We see this mostly in urban settings, in cities with many resources, people and funding opportunities to move their communities forward. Often left out of the movement and overall improvement forward has been rural communities; where change usually only comes on the whims of outsiders & directives of the current status quo and most always at our communities cost of health, hope & even our lives. This has especially been too real for our mostly Indigenous McKinley Community (~75%) who have also been plagued by colonization and racism throughout our community and our nation's history.

Our rural community can no longer stand aside or wait for change but must actively support it, encourage it, seek it out & own it. To do this we need an organizer, funded by the community and supported by local organizations to move the McKinley Community forward in the health and prosperity of all families, individuals and members of the community.

We are asking you to sign onto our petition; to show your support of the campaign, receive information & engage in opportunities to participate with the campaign/community as it grows into the movement of change our community owns cooperatively. With your eventual membership/ownership/buy-in of a community supported organizing model, we can all utilize it to grow the future community organizers our community & people need.

McKinley County, NM, USA

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