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To: For the People of Texas

The Center for Leadership in Communities Around Texas (CLCT)

The Center for Leadership in Communities Around Texas  (CLCT)

Join us to start a New CSO - Community supported Organizing.

1. Sign on to our petition in support
2. Share this vision with your friends
3. Pledge that, If we can sign up 49 other people for community-supported organizing, your be the 50th
4. Nominate some one to be a fellow in our fellowship program with We Own It Network

Why is this important?

The Center for Leadership in Communities around Texas (CLCT)
Leading today. Influencing tomorrow.

Across the nation, the COVID-19 pandemic has communities in crisis. Communities are facing similar struggles and are looking for solutions. Communities are vastly in despair, and the effects of will continue to destroy vulnerable communities long after this pandemic is over. We must lead by working together to provide communities with the resources they need by sharing our experiences, knowledge, and resources.

Why is this important?

Communities thrive when everyone works together. We need to build food systems that make it easy and affordable to buy good food locally while strengthening under-served rural communities in Texas.

Located in Prairie View, TX, The Center for Leadership in Communities around Texas Co-op has the opportunity to connect leaders around the state to industry-leading research and industry experts at Prairie View A&M University.

We will combine the resources and skills of leaders to create solutions that will improve growth and prosperity in underserved rural communities that are resource depleted and lack healthy socio-economical food systems.

Our goal is to create equal opportunities to build strong, healthy, sustainable communities, provide much-needed goods and services, and organize campaigns around struggling food systems.

Get involved!

The Center for Communities around Texas Leadership Cooperative will train up new organizing fellows, bring them into a community of other fellows across the state, provide them with ongoing coaching, opportunities to learn, and the support needed to organize local efforts successfully.

Let’s do this together!

Become a member and be a part of events and meetings and actively commit to developing your leadership around critical issues that affect you daily.

Who can be a member?

Anyone interested in building the power of working-class people living and working in rural communities in Texas.

How much are membership dues?

Membership dues start at $5/month or $60/year. We encourage members to give more if possible. For whatever reason, you want to join but cannot make a financial contribution now; we invite you to participate with a Sponsored Membership.

Texas, USA

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