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To: VA Credit Union

Tell Virginia Credit Union we need help keeping our families in their homes and off the streets!

Tell Virginia Credit Union we need  help keeping our families in their homes and off the streets!

Our community and our country is in crisis. People are suffering, rent and mortgages are due, COVID has turned our world upside down, systemic and institutional racism limits any meaningful change, and the climate crisis has been taking a backseat.

This is why we need the Virginia Credit Union to act now and release excess funds into emergency loan programs that will help keep our families in their homes! They have 100 million dollars in their "rainy day" fund that could be used to leverage 1 billion dollars in emergency loans. Look outside CVU, it's pouring!

Please sign to show that you support this idea, and that you want to be a part of the change that our communities need right now!

Why is this important?

Dear friends,

The first of the month is quickly approaching and many people in our communities are facing the danger of eviction. Rent is due and many people are afraid. They don’t have the ability to pay their rent or their bills and being put out onto the streets is a real fear. The moratoriums on utilities shut-offs are also running out and the bills are going to come due. With more people on the streets there will inevitably be a rise in police brutality issues. To ensure safety in our communities we must make sure families are not put in this position.

Even before this crisis, Richmond had the second highest eviction rate in all large American cities at 11.44% and this number is surely going to rise even higher when the moratorium on evictions ends on September 7th. We already have families fighting this issue including 1 mother of 5 who is also the caregiver of her 86 year old father.

Did you know that the VA Credit Union is sitting on 75 million dollars of excess member funds that they could be leveraging into 750 million dollars in emergency, interest free loans? This money could be used to keep people in their homes and to help pay their bills.

We need to come together as a community and demand that they work to alleviate the needs that our communities are having right now.

There’s a solution. Virginia Credit Union could be offering emergency funds that would keep families in their homes, keep the lights on, and keep food on the table. Electric co-ops could be bringing us broadband so our children can go to school, and food co-ops could be helping people alleviate grocery bills by putting food on peoples’ tables. We're organizing to bring them into the game, off the sidelines, to do what they ought to. To do what we pay them to do, because we own them. Their boards and management answer to us. We can organize & work to bring these groups together to help our communities Now! We are starting with Virginia Credit Union and emergency loans to protect our community from the impending eviction crisis.

But we're not stopping there. We're in it for the long haul, because when the economy reopens, it can't be like the one before. That's what put us in this mess.

What we need is a cooperative economy that serves our democracy and real people's needs, not a shareholder economy that only serves rich investors and corrupts our government with money. We need to be owners, not renters, in our own democracy. Together we create a landscape where we support our own organizers, from our community, working with our community.

Together we're going to discover that WE were the leaders we've been waiting for. You can make a difference and you can be a part of a brighter future for our communities.

Together we can meet our communities needs! Help us convince VACU to start an emergency loan program now!

Let's do this. We, the undersigned, are in. Will you join us?

Dalia Burks - Richmond
Jen Chambers - Ashland
Kathy Freise - Beaverdam
Collin Josey - Richmond
Andrea Miller - Ruther Glen
Daniel Mintz - Culpeper
Carolyn Peart - Ashland
Christiane Riederer - Ashland
Josi Riederer - Ashland

Richmond, VA, USA

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